Ekta TV

Ekta TV is a global channel that can be accessed by viewers across the world.
Ekta stands for unity hence this is an effort to unite several cultures, languages, genres, and people from across the world. This makes Ekta TV a multi-lingual channel with a vast variety of shows including, religious shows, entertainment industry news, global news, movies, music, talk shows and more.
Our team is spread across the globe to get you entertainment from different parts of the world. In today’s world of differences based on cast, creed, nationality, religion, gender and what not, Ekta TV is trying to bring all human under one umbrella of entertainment.
We at Ekta TV are always looking for inputs from our viewers to make us adapt to your liking. Therefore, Ekta TV is a two-way entertainment channel. You can contact us to tell us what you would like to see and what not, add your comments and let’s unite to make Ekta TV a channel of your choice. We believe in working as a team, we believe in unity, we believe in Ekta.


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